LG Ally launched with Iron Man 2


LG Ally Launched With Iron Man 2

People looking for a new mobile phone could check out the new LG Ally, which was launched this week in collaboration with Iron Man 2.

To celebrate the success of the box office hit, which stars Robert Downey Jr in the title role, LG invited Russell Bobbitt, who created the props for the film, to show off the new handset.

Guests at the New York launch were able to get hands on with the Ally's full-body touchscreen and slide-out qwerty keyboard, as well as its augmented reality technology.

Mr Bobbitt also introduced new concept handsets as part of the LG Design of the Future Challenge, which were created by the prop expert, alongside the Iron Man Mark IV suit that appears in the film.

LG currently has an aim to become one of the top three global digital technology providers by the end of 2010 and strives to do this through the innovation seen in its mobile phone products.

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Posted by Paul Whalley