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Mobile phones 'are now used instinctively to find content'


The role of mobile phones in modern life has become so great that most people now use them "instinctively" when they want to search for content.

Christian Louca, managing director at mobile solutions firm YOC UK, says handsets are now seen as the "natural way" to quickly find a piece of information or browse the internet.

"Mobile users search for specific content from their devices on the move - whether it is local restaurants, train times, cinema listings, shops or other amenities," he states.

And the expert adds the latest smartphones are now so accessible and easy to use that many people will even use their mobile when they are at home with other options for searching available.

Mr Louca's comments follow recent research by Search Engine Land that showed the majority of searches carried out from a phone on Bing are for local issues, with 53 per cent relating to the surrounding area.

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