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Apple Trade-In

Do you want to learn more about Apple trade-in? Well, Mazuma Mobile’s trade-in service offers an exciting opportunity to sell your old Apple devices for money. An average Australian household is home to up to four devices that are no longer being used. But that shouldn't be the end of any device. Apart from the need to recycle Apple products using environmentally friendly methods, your old devices still have some financial worth.

Is Apple Trade-In Worth It?

You might want to consider trading in with Apple if you want to upgrade or purchase a new device. However, Apple trade-in services undervalue devices. If you want to make the most cash from your device, you've to consider selling it for cash to a third-party service. Here’s when Mazuma Mobile, Australia's most trusted mobile recycling company can help.

Sell your device to us at great rates. We having been around in the mobile recycling business for a while and have helped a lot of Australians sell their devices with fast payments. We're proud to say that more than 11 million AUD has been paid to customers. That's the biggest payout by any mobile recycling services worldwide. It clearly shows that many smart Australians have chosen to sell their devices directly to recycling services instead of going through trade-in services. Our Apple iPad trade-in service benefits all. You get rid of your device in return of quick cash, we get your unused device for sustainable recycling and someone gets access to an affordable, working device. And all of that while contributing to the safety of our environment.

Our services are simple, easy and hassle-free. By following four simple steps, you will get paid a good amount for your device. To get started, go to our website to register the sale of your Apple device, you will get a sales pack with a post free bag. Send us your device in the post free bag and get paid on the very same day we receive your device. We'll send you an email to confirm payment has been sent to your account.

How to know the worth of your device? Visit the Mazuma Mobile website, type in your handset model into the Model Quick Search box on the top right-hand side of the home page and press Go. Once your model is found and you provide the information about the condition of the device, we will tell you how much your device is worth.

Mazuma Mobile lists over 2700 phones and we are pretty sure that you will find your handset model listed. But if in case you are unable to find yours, use the 'Handset not listed' option in the Model Selection section to let us know.

We pay 100% of the amount quoted on your device. There are no hidden charges. This is why our customers rely on us. Our pricing team monitors market prices daily in order to ensure that our prices remain the most competitive.

hat if your device is devalued after we receive it? If for any reason we think that your device is not worth the amount quoted online, we'll email you the revised price. If you are happy with the amount offered, we'll pay you immediately. But if you think your device is worth more than that, we'll send your device back to you for free.

With Mazuma Mobile, you can still recycle your Apple device even if it is faulty, dead or not worth anything. All you have to do is send us the handset in an envelope and write 'Freepost Mazuma' on the front and 'Recycle' on the back. Postage is free and we will recycle your phone in the most environmentally friendly way as possible.

Do You Need The Box For Apple Trade-In?

When trading in Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads or Mac with Mazuma Mobile, you just need to send us your handset and the battery. You do not have to worry about the device box, sim card, memory card, charger or any other accessories that you had received at the time of purchase.

We also understand how important it is to get rid of your personal data before sending in your device. As a result, we provide a data delete tool you can use to erase personal information from your device. Don't worry, the tool is free.

Let us trade in your iPhone, iiPad or iApple Watch for cash. Our payment system is fast. We'll process your payment as soon as you fulfil the conditions.

We also purchase iPhone models, including broken iPhones. You can sell iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 to us at great rates. Trade-in your Apple device for cash at Mazuma Mobile and join thousands of Australians who have been selling their used devices to us at good rates.