The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. If you missed Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event unveiling the new iPhone 12 models and the Apple HomePod Mini, this post will let you in on the main takeaways of the event.

The all new “flat frame” stainless steel, thinner and lighter design takes inspiration from the iPhone 4 and current iPad Pro models. The OLED display is as strong as ever with the Super Retina XDR which means higher brightness, contrast, and a cinema-standard wide colour palette. In a drop test, the glass display and stainless steel material proved up to four times less likely to break than previous models.

The new 5G connectivity offer the fastest network speeds in 5G areas to date. As pointed by Philip in his article, 5G network allows for quicker download speed and better quality streaming videos just to name a few features.

The duel-lens allows for ultra-wide angle photos and now Night Mode is available on both front and rear cameras. Fair to say, now is the ideal time to ditch your bulky DSLR and take even better breathtaking photos on the new iPhone 12. Further details and specs are outlined in Coldewey’s article

Another exciting feature is the MagSafe capability brought back for iPhone wireless charging. It proves a more convenient and safe experience than ever before. You will still be able to keep the phone protected in a silicone, leather or clear case while charging.

A new addition to the iPhone range is the iPhone 12 mini. It is the most compactible 5G phone in the market as detailed by Cowen in her article If you liked the iPhone 7 or 8 size, then you will enjoy the mini.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro pre-orders start this Friday 16th whereas, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max pre-order date is on the 6th November and will be on sale from 13th November. With the dates set in place, get your phone ready to sell and lock in today’s guaranteed best value at Mazuma Mobile and prevent losing value on your device.

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