If You Are a Keen Photo or Video “Buff” The iPhone 13 Pro can help you put your work into focus!

At Mazuma we’re taking a look at the latest camera features and benefits of the Apple iPhone13 Pro.

With the latest Apple iPhone 13 designed for the serious photo and video buffs, Mazuma takes a look at the features and benefits of the iPhone 13 Pro.

With “next level” camera technology the iPhone 13 range includes cinematic mode, improved low-light features and Photographic Styles filters.  The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini have an upgraded diagonal dual-system camera.

The Pro and Pro Max have a more powerful triple lens camera.

The Pro range also have a Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, macro photography, and a 3x optical zoom.

The Cinematic Mode records 1080p at 30fps and features a depth of field effect that allows you to control the sharpness of the foreground or background to give you that Hollywood level of brilliance. It can automatically focus on a person or object in the foreground while it softens the background or vice versa. This effect can even be applied as an editing feature to other subject matter after the video has been recorded.

The low-light and night mode settings enable fine detail to be captured in dim lighting conditions. The Photographic Styles mode intelligently and automatically adjusts the warmth and tone of
photos while preserving skin tones, to give a consistent look. The wider apertures and bigger telephoto zoom on the iPhone 13 allows it to take much better photos, whereas the Pro camera system captures stunning detail when using either its ultra-wide lens or when zooming in on a distant subject.

Apple’s ProRes software will be available later this year for the first time on a mobile device. The software enhances the overall colour of a video and compresses it into a file to improve its post-production quality. It is normally used by professionals for commercials and feature films, so, it will be very interesting to see what can be achieved with this software using a smartphone.

If your are selling old phones for cash at http://www.mazumamobile.com.au and thinking about an upgrade then if you love making movies, videos, or taking photos, the iPhone 13 Pro is probably the right phone for you today – well, ‘until the next big thing…  more on what is coming soon will be featured on the Mazuma Blog.

Is the iPhone13Pro the best Camera smartphone?

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