Pressure-sensitive touchscreens tipped for 2016 top feature

Every year seems to bring a new smartphone trend. If you're wondering what will be all the rage in 2016, then you need look no further, as pressure-sensitive touchscreens are tipped to be the next big thing. 

This is according to component analysts IHS, which claims that almost a quarter of all high and mid-range phones shipped next year will feature this technology. That's exciting news for all gadget lovers!

If you're not already familiar with the concept, pressure-sensitive touchscreens add yet another layer of flexibility to smartphones. Already using this technology is, unsurprisingly, Apple, which launched its 3D Touch feature in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus earlier this year.

Fundamentally, the function means your phone will respond different depending on how hard you press the screen. Taking the example of the iPhone, when browsing your emails, a light tap will give you a preview of an individual emails, whereas a harder press will actually open the email. This has been called Peek and Pop, with the light press allowing you to 'peek' and a harder one to 'pop' into emails or individual windows.

The feature can also help you to get a bit more creative. For instance, in the Notes app, when you're drawing you can use a soft touch for lighter, more delicate lines, and a firmer one for thicker marks.

How other manufacturers will use the technology remains to be seen. While plans to include versions of 3D Touch in other phone brands have not been released, it is perhaps inevitable that most major manufacturers will follow suit to some degree in order to keep up with this major new trend.

And it seems phone makers will need to keep evolving quickly. Despite only being recently released, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are quickly falling out of focus in favour of the iPhone 7 – a product that hasn't even been officially announced yet. Rumours about the features that this model may contain are ride, with some commentators speculating that it might be entirely water-resistant.

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