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Smartphones have become truly indispensable, allowing us to stay connected with our friends and relatives easily.

But for parents, the ability to stay in close contact with their kids is particularly valuable.

They’re now only a phone call or text message away, so smartphones are offering mums and dads invaluable peace of mind every day of the week.

That’s a huge transformation, so perhaps it’s no surprise that experts want to look at the impact smartphones are having on our lives more closely.

ABC has teamed up with researchers from Griffith University, Murdoch University and Western Sydney University to identify exactly how smartphones are changing people’s lives and relationships, especially with their kids.

All you need to do is reply to this survey and answer questions on how you use your smartphone and how you feel about it.

You’ll be asked questions such as how often you use various functions on your device, what apps you use to stay in touch with people and whether you feel it’s essential or if you could live without it.

Researchers will then use these opinions to compile recommendations around smartphone use, with a particular focus on children and teenagers.

Kathryn Modecki, an expert from Griffith University, said: “Getting Australians to share their own experiences is going to be incredibly valuable.”

The findings should make fascinating reading and potentially motivate smartphone manufacturers to make the changes you’d like to see put in place.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your voice heard!

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