5 Top foodie Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram is a great place for food lovers – the juxtaposition of great photography with mouth-watering foodstuffs is quite something. Here are five accounts to follow.

Pheebs Foods

Who: Phoebe Conway is a nutrition student who an advanced diploma in photography, meaning she not only is she versed in healthy eating but has a sharp eye on making this way of life look good (she snaps a mean picture).

What: Her blog, she explains, is a portal for people looking to boost the quality of their food intake “without going to extremes”. In short, you can eat well and do it in an enjoyable way.

Jamie Oliver

Who: A renowned chef from England who has become something of an international star, Jamie Oliver is considered to be one of the most interesting and influential foodies of his generation.

What: His Instagram account is a nice mix of his personal life, the food and drink he happens to be eating and what new and exciting recipes he has come up with. It’s quite an enviable life but also one you can relate to – it’s possible to live like this.

A Couple Cooks

Who: Sonja and Alex Overhiser are a cute couple that have a shared passion for making healthy, new dishes from scratch – they have no formal experience, but a joint enthusiasm for cooking “good, clean, honest food” has proved useful.

What: The couple say that they see themselves as “advocates for wholesome food, local and seasonal eating when possible, sustainable farming, and access to nutritious food for all”. Enough said.

Julie's Kitchen

Who: With a fantastic ability to make beautiful collages out of food, Julie Lee has carved out a nice niche as a food lover whose creative prowess adds another dimension to what we consume.

What: She started out with a desire to share with the world seasonal and local offerings from farmer markets near where she lived. Since then it has evolved into a project that investigates “plant design”, explores the theory of colour and showcases “pure, unadulterated food love”.

Natalie James

Who: Natalie James’ tagline is “I’ve got this city on my fork” – she’s a Los Angeles resident who looks to explore her surroundings, especially from the point of view of food and drink.
What: From the looks of her Instagram account, Natalie has a lot of fun tucking into all sorts of foodstuffs and she does very well in documenting her travels. She’s funny too, with one her recent captions stating that at the end of her ten-course meal, she “may just give birth to a baby avocado”.

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