Acer sidelines Windows Phone

Acer has decided to sideline Windows Phone until the mobile phone platform has a better range of apps for its users.

According to the Inquirer, although Acer is happy to work with Microsoft's software for its range of Windows 8-toting notebooks and tablets, it needs more persuading before it takes it on for its smartphones.

The manufacturer has said that Windows Phone just doesn't offer enough apps for handsets. You can see why Acer wouldn't want to commit to more smartphones as the ones that have been released with the Microsoft-based software haven't performed well.

Acer vice president of EMEA Allen Burnes said the company simply “can't take the risk” on adding the operating system to more devices until there is a better range of apps.

“There are a whole bunch of elements around the application space which need fixing, which for us, is a big deal,” Mr Burnes said, adding that the situation was “no good for consumers”.

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