Amazon smartphone won’t arrive this year

Rumours circulated last week, from the Wall Street Journal, that Amazon would be releasing its mobile phone for free.

However, a matter of days after the report, an Inc spokesperson has announced that the company has no plans to launch a smartphone this year. It also continued to say that 
“if it did launch one in the future, it would not be free”.

Although this may have doused many hopes that customers would get a free gift from the e-commerce giant, it does hint that Amazon are considering a handset as the spokesperson didn't deny it.

Rumours have indicated that a smartphone from the company could be released for a very budget-friendly price of between AU$95 and AU$190.

Although, none of this is official, so eager consumers will just need to wait until Amazon officially outlines its plans for a handset, but it's looking likely that we won't see the device this year, if at all.

Posted by Samantha Green

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