A significant number of consumers could be trading in mobile phones in favour of the new LG Optimus 2X device, which is proving to be one of the most popular models on the market.

The device, released recently by the technology provider, has even been the feature of an Oxford Street campaign.

LG staff marked its launch by handing out 'slow fines' to shoppers in the central London road, reported Mobile Today.

Some of the slowest walkers in the street were given the hoax penalties and were relieved to find only a link to LG's Facebook page – rather than a fine – inside.

The Optimus 2X boasts a number of features that could be driving the desire to trade in mobile phones in order to upgrade to it.

For example, it offers access to thousands of apps and runs on the Android Gingerbread operating system.

However, it is the phone's dedication to speed that arguably marks it out as a special design, with LG describing it as a “powerhouse”.

A dual core processor is at the heart of the 2X, making it twice as fast as many of its rivals, while it also offers a four-inch touchscreen and eight-megapixel camera.

The provision of such hi-tech features means usability is good and it is both easy and fast to navigate menus and apps, whether it is the latest game or a practical business tool that is being utilised.

Earlier this month, Scott Hooton of Phones 4u claimed he was delighted with the initial sales figures racked up by the model.

He noted the handset was launched over a weekend alongside a number of other products.

“As a result of being able to offer such a varied and extensive range of the latest handsets to our customers, it was an extremely successful trading period for Phones 4u,” Mr Hooton stated.

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