Android Pay now accepted by Service NSW

Google's Android Pay only arrived in Australia last month, but it is already being picked up by many retailers. 

The latest organisation to accept the new form of payment method that uses smartphones is the New South Wales (NSW) government. 

NSW minister for finance, services and property Dominic Perrottet said the move makes sense, as 90 per cent of Australians have a mobile phone. 

Although those running on the Android mobile operating system represents a wider variety of individual models than the Apple iPhone, overall they are more popular as a group than their iOS-based rivals. 

Mr Perrottet said all Service NSW shopfronts will now accept payments via Android Pay, which means people can now complete transactions relating to vehicle registration and parking tickets with their smartphone. 

The option is also set to be added to the Service NSW digital store, website and app in the coming months. 

“Governments have traditionally been very slow on the uptake when it comes to new technology, whereas customers latch on much more quickly,” Mr Perrottet commented. 

“With Service NSW we are completely changing that – becoming fast followers – so that our customer service keeps pace with the options people want.”

Android Pay asks users to enter their credit card numbers from participating financial institutions and payment networks. 

However, this information is never sent to the merchant. Instead, this information is replaced with a virtual substitute, which is purported to be a more secure method. 

Mr Perrottet first announced his intention for Service NSW to be a swift adopter of new payment technology last April. 

In a statement, he added that similar options such as Apple Pay, MasterPass, VisaCheckout and others could all be expected to be added in the future – or when they become available. 

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