Angry Birds 2 launches on App Store and Google Play

Finnish app developer Rovio has launched Angry Birds 2 – the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful smartphone games of all time. 

It retains the much-loved slingshot gameplay format of the first title and its various spin-offs, as well as bringing in new towers to topple, pigs to burst and missiles to fire. 

Among the most significant changes to the game are the radically updated visuals, which have been completely overhauled from the ground up. This means the game is more pleasing on the eye than ever before, with a diverse range of stages in each level and spectacular new spells to perform. 

Each world is brimming with fine background details, such as exotic plants and strange new settings – with plenty of new perils to overcome as well. These can be travelled to by mastering new slingshot strategies to solve puzzles and progress through the game – all in the name of recapturing the birds' eggs from the pigs.

Blizzards, magic ducks and red hot chillies are just some of the new things to be wielded against the pigs, in addition to new types of birds. Red, Chuck and Bomb all return – as does the infamous King Pig. New additions to the flock include Silver, a bird with dazzling flying skills who performs a loop before diving into pig strongholds. King Pig is joined by new end-of-level evil bosses, such as Foreman Pig and Chef Pig.

Fans of the game can challenge other gamers all over the world to a game and select a unique flock of their own choice. By entering the arena, players can compete to find out who is the best Angry Birds player, by challenging other users and earning new feathers to power up the flock. Gems can be earned as well, by watching ad clips or paying real money, allowing the player to garner extra lives and other bonuses. 

Rovio co-founder Niklas Hed emphasised the fact that design technology is very different now from when it was when the original Angry Birds game launched in 2009. 

“With Angry Birds 2 we wanted to bring a level of expressive depth and detail seen previously only in a console game or animated series – and create a new game that kids and adults alike won't be able to put down,” he commented. 

Creative director on the game Patrick Liu added: “Angry Birds 2 doubles down on the core tenets of the original that our fans loved – destruction and more destruction!

“At the same time it adds a whole new layer of emergent strategy gameplay for both old and new fans to master.”

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