App fans might wish to sell mobile and invest in Apple iPhone or Android de

When it comes to selling a mobile in order to splash out on a more app-friendly model, the Apple iPhone and designs that run on the Android platform could be among the best.

New figures revealed by Nielsen show that, in the US, some 83 per cent of active app downloaders belong to one of these categories.

Overall, 71 per cent of consumers are said to own either an Android device or an iPhone, with apps one of the main attractions of both.

Should this pattern be replicated in other countries – such as Australia – it may be clear what the top handsets for app fans now are.

Nielsen added that Android is the undoubted leader of smartphone operating systems, while Apple has raced ahead in the quest to become the top manufacturer of models.

Juniper Research this week suggested one type of download that is set to rise in popularity is health tools, with 44 million acquisitions next year predicted to rise to 142 million by 2016.

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