Apple and Samsung give closing statements in trial

Closing arguments were delivered by Apple and Samsung representatives before the case was handed over to the jury for deliberation.

The two companies have been locked in a bitter patent dispute for months and this landmark trial in the US is into its fourth week now.

Apple lawyers are accusing Samsung of copying the company's designs after realising that it wasn't able to compete in the mobile phone market.

Samsung's representatives, however, claimed that any victory for Apple would mean much less choice for consumers.

Apple is asking for more than US$2.5 billion ($2.39 billion) in damages from Samsung for violating its patented designs for both the iPad and iPhone.

Lawyers from Samsung counter-sued, stating that Apple infringed its patents for key wireless technology.

“Samsung was able to copy and incorporate the result of Apple's four-year investment in hard work and ingenuity without taking any of the risks,” Apple lawyer Harold McElhinny told the jury.

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