Apple and Samsung ordered to talk by Judge

A US court has sent Apple and Samsung's chief executive officers (CEOs) into settlement talks in a bid to try and quell some of the disputes between the pair.

The two mobile phone technology giants said in a joint court filing that they were willing to participate in the peace summit, where both CEOs Tim Cook and Choi Gee-sung will attempt to find some common ground.

Both companies have demanded the banning of multiple devices over the last few months, with Apple in particular seemingly convinced that the Korean firm has infringed multiple patents with the design of some handsets.

The joint filing stated that both firms were willing to review their claims and potential witnesses in the different disputes.

“The parties plan to submit weekly reports to the Court each Monday prior to the May 2nd conference reflecting the progress made to date,” the statement read, before adding they felt the issues between them could be narrowed down rather than quelled completely.

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