Apple closer to wireless charging in iPhones

It appears that Apple may be one step closer to getting wireless charging for its range of mobile phones.

However, the Cupertino company is not the only smartphone manufacturer to be working on this and it could very well be a race to the finish line.

Apple may be that one step closer though, as the company has been granted a patent for this feature, reports Patently Apple.

According to the patent document, the technology would work by using near-field magnetic that will charge any devices within a certain distance without having to plug your smartphone into the mains.

An image accompanying the document shows an iMac, iPod, keyboard and Magic Mouse all being charged wirelessly in the “virtual charging arena”.

Although this is just a patent and doesn't guarantee that the wireless charging will actually turn up in a future iPhone. However, it is a good indicator and shows what the company's intentions are. 

With many of its competitors also heading in this direction, it wouldn't be a massive jump to say that wireless charging will be in future iPhones, though a timeline is unknown.

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