Apple confirms keynote for September 7th – could this be the iPhone launch?

Apple will hold a keynote address at 10:00 PDT (18:00 BST) on September 7th, the company announced on Monday (August 29th). 

The event will be livestreamed from the company's website – and this is widely expected to be where the next iteration of the firm's perennially popular iPhone is launched. 

Journalists from all around the world will descend on Apple's San Francisco headquarters to be told about the iPhone 7, in addition to other potential product launches, such as the Apple Watch 2. 

No further details were provided by Apple, so nothing is officially confirmed for launch just yet, but given that iPhone releases are usually unveiled in September, it seems a safe bet to assume this will be the case this year. 

Reports have been trickling in throughout the year full of rumour and speculation as to what features will or will not be included in the latest iPhone. 

Among these are the possibility that Apple will forego the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, instead switching to an audio-enabled lightning port, which could possibly run on Bluetooth. 

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently advised against this move, suggesting it would alienate a core user base that are attached to their earbuds or headphones. 

However, he also expressed enthusiasm for the possibility of wireless earphones that take advantage of an upgraded version of Bluetooth. 

A patent for a dual-camera system was recently filed by Apple – and this could maintain resolution even while zooming in on digital photos, although it is unclear whether the patent would apply to this release. 

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