Apple iPhone Math to release alongside 5S handset?

An Apple iPhone Math handset could be released alongside the 5S model this June, providing customers with a wider range of high-end devices.

These rumours have started to circulate in the China Times, and a translation offered by BrightWire indicates two handsets with eight-megapixel cameras.

Apple's current flagship handset already has a snapper with this specification, so it would be surprising if it were not upgraded.

While the iPhone 5 device's immediate successor is likely to retain a four-inch screen, speculation suggests that the Math will feature a 4.8-inch display.

The American manufacturer could therefore be following the trend for larger-screen devices, following popularity of gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Users would therefore have more real estate for watching videos, and could enjoy superior gameplay experience with apps like Temple Run and Draw Something.

However, a larger screen means that the Retina resolution quality could be compromised, leaving owners with a poorer pixels-per-inch figure.

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