Apple iPhone X on sale, but is there enough to go around?

Some Apple fans will have been waiting months for the announcement that the iPhone X is at last available for pre-order. Customers can now purchase the device from Apple’s website; however, there have been issues already, with some suggesting that the popular smartphone has already sold more units than Apple can supply.

The device officially became available for pre-order on October 26th at 6pm AEDT, which works out as midnight at Apple’s headquarters in California. Despite the X being the most expensive iPhone yet – retailing in Australia at a whopping $1,829 for the top model – it seems to have sold out within ten minutes.

While the phone will be released officially on November 3rd, users began to receive messages at around 6:10pm stating that they wouldn’t be getting their iPhone X until up to four weeks after this date. This was taken as a sign by many that Apple had sold out, and needed to manufacture more devices in order to meet demand.

HSBC analyst Steven Pelayo has estimated – in a note to clients – that as many as 700 million people could be looking to buy an iPhone X. He said this represented a “very large installed base of loyal yet patient users” who would be eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new smartphone.

However, it does not appear that Apple is ready for this demand. The company has said that the iPhone X will still be released on November 3rd, and that it will have some in stock in its stores. However, it encouraged anyone looking to buy one to turn up early, which indicates that supplies might sell out on the day.

The device is an impressive one, boasting a 5.8 inch OLED screen and the ability to charge wirelessly. However, it is the 3D face scanner that many have been excited for, as it is very technologically advanced for a smartphone. In fact, there are rumours that this feature has caused the lack of supply due to it being so complicated to manufacture.

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