Apple launches 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Technology manufacturing giant Apple has announced the launch of its latest media tablet – the iPad Pro.

New levels of precision and utility have been brought to the iPad Pro with the simultaneous launch of the Apple Pencil and the new Smart Keyboard. 

It is larger than previous iterations of the popular iPad series, boasting a stunning 12.9-inch Retina display with 5.6 million pixels – the most to ever feature on any device powered by Apple's proprietary iOS mobile operating system. 

A new 64-bit A9X chip acts as the tablet's engine, delivering levels of performance to rival most portable PCs. The all-day ten-hour battery life that users have come to associate with the iPad remains present here – and the Pro is thin and light, lending itself to convenient portability. 

Sketching feels remarkably fluid and natural with the Apple Pencil, delivering fine accuracy for activities such as digital art illustration and detailed 3D design – making the iPad Pro an appealing option for artists, designers and other creatives. The Pencil features a built-in Lightning connector for quick and easy pairing and charging. 

The utility of the tablet is further extended with the new Smart Keyboard, which has all the advantages of a full-sized Qwerty keyboard with a thin and durable portable design. It attaches to the iPad Pro's Smart Connector and runs off the iPad's battery, which eliminates the need for a separate battery and charger. 

Senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple Philip Schiller said app developers and customers have had a very positive early response to the iPad Pro. He added that it is the most powerful iPad his firm has made to date and that it gives users more options to be creative than they have had from such a product before. 

Vice-president of products at Adobe Scott Belsky agreed that the new forms of creativity made possible on the move could transform the ways in which creatives are able to work. 

"With the larger iPad Pro screen and lightning-fast performance, creatives will be able to take full advantage of [photo editing] mobile apps," he commented, singling out the possibility of manipulating a 50-megapixel image on the iPad Pro as being just one example of these benefits. 

Georg Petschnigg, chief executive officer and co-founder of FiftyThree – a company that specialises in creative hardware and software – said the tablet gives users "an even bigger and more dynamic canvas on which to rapidly capture ideas however they strike – as notes, photos, sketches or diagrams".

New, Apple-designed polyurethane iPad Pro Smart Covers have been developed for use with the product and are available separately. 

Free workshops are being offered at every Apple Store for those that wish to be taught how to make the most of the device. 

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