Apple lawyer receives ‘smoking crack’ jibe from judge

The judge in the high profile US patent trial involving both Apple and Samsung said the iPhone manufacturer's lawyer must be on drugs if he thought she accept his witness list.

William Lee named 22 people he wanted to rebut testimony given by Samsung's choice of experts in the trial.

The clash, reported by the Verge news site, took place towards the end of the trial after Mr Lee presented a 75-page document detailing the witnesses.

Upon receiving the document, Judge Lucy Koh commented: “Unless you're smoking crack you know these witnesses aren't going to be called.

Mr Lee replied: “Your honour, I'm not smoking crack. I can promise you that.”

This comes after Judge Koh pleaded with the two firms to try and make peace before the trial is handed over to the jury for deliberation.

She told the lawyers of both companies to try and get the chief executive officers of each to talk to one another about the possibility of settling this resolution as the verdict could be damaging.

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