Apple patents new iPhone camera

Apple has been granted a patent for a remote control that would see physical camera buttons become a thing of the past on iPhones.

The patent for systems and methods for remote camera control describes a controller that would show users photos and notifications from the camera on its own screen. This could allow users to edit or delete photos from this device.

It could revolutionise the way that people take selfies, according to the the patent, and could also enable people to record video remotely. However, it's not just for the selfie generation, as Apple explains it could also be used in the workplace to record training sessions.

The patent describes a button on the remote to let users switch between camera and video modes, and maybe even add filters to their snaps.

It's unlikely that this will make it to the iPhone 6, which is expected to launch in June, but it could mean that future iPhones look different .

Posted by Clare Marshall

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