Mobile phone users are unlikely to ever be in a position to choose from a wide range of Apple devices, but they can be assured of high quality when investing in a model from the brand.

Flora Graham, mobile phones editor at review site CNET UK, says the company is not interested in its popularity, only success and profit.

“Their goal isn't like Nokia's goal – get a phone in the pocket of every person in the world – because most people can't afford an iPhone 4,” she explains.

The expert goes on to add most manufacturers release a huge range of models in order to appeal to everybody, Apple is content to focus on individual mobiles that work in their sector.

People with the cash and desire for high-end technology may therefore be wise to trade-in their used phones and switch to an iPhone.

Ms Graham was commenting after Apple was named by Canalys as the new leader in the smartphone market, with iPhone shipments triggering a rise to 26 per cent market share.

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