Apple unveils new TV app

Apple has announced the launch of its new TV app for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, which offers a unified experience for users who want to discover and access new TV shows and movies from multiple apps. 

This means the app is a kind of aggregator where this content can conveniently be accessed from one place on the user's device of choice. 

An update to Siri complements the app, which allows users to tune in directly to live news and sporting events across their other apps by asking the personal digital assistant to do so. 

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice-president of internet software and services, said that accessing TV shows and films through Apple devices has never been easier as a result of this move. 

“Using apps on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad has become the primary way for so many of us to watch television,” he remarked. 

“The TV app shows you what to watch next and easily discover TV shows and movies from many apps in a single place.” 

Some of the key features of the new app include Watch Now, where viewers will see their personalised collection of available shows and movies from iTunes and apps. From this point, viewers can go on to the related features Up Next or Recommended to choose what else to watch.

Up Next presents content in the order the viewer is likely to want to watch it. For example, a TV show's next episode will be presented when the user has either finished watching the previous one or when it becomes available if it the series is in the middle of its run. Siri can be asked to resume playing the content immediately where it had been left off at any point. 

Recommended is a large selection of curated and trending TV shows and movies that are hand-picked by Apple's curators. It is also where content can be showcased by category, such as kids, sci-fi and comedy. 

A Library feature displays all of the iTunes movies and TV shows owned or rented by the user and Store is the place to go for those looking for something new. 

Siri's powerful new capabilities include making it really easy to tune right to live news and sporting events on Apple TV. The personal assistant is now aware of live sporting events across apps, which makes it possible for users to say things like” “Watch the Stanford game,” or: “Which games are on right now?”

Not only does Siri know the additional details of the games, but it can also offer live scores or take viewers directly to the live stream within the app that's carrying it. 

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