Apple’s launches 8GB iPhone 5C

Many criticised Apple when it released its “affordable” mobile phone last year (2013) but now the Cupertino company has gone further to reduce the cost of its low-end smartphone.

The American manufacturer has released another version of its iPhone 5C, offering 8GB of storage at a cheaper price. Apple's new handset will only be released in specific regions, but Australia is one of them.

It is on the market for AU$679, which is just AU$60 less than the next level of storage, which to some may still seem far from affordable especially with such a drop in space.

Although the phone comes with 8GB of storage, iOS 7 could take up around 3GB of this, meaning that you have far less space for your photos and videos than you think. This, coupled with the fact that Apple doesn't give users the ability to bump up space with microSD cards, means that for many people, the 8GB won't be enough.

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