Apple’s own graphics binned

New reports suggest that Apple won't be creating its own graphics for its future range of iPhones, despite previous reports. In the past, we'd heard rumours that the Cupertino company would be opting to do GPU in-house, but that doesn't appear to still be the case.

The American manufacturer has just signed a deal with Imagination to ensure that the firm keeps creating graphics for the iPhones, as well as iPads, for the future. Apple and Imagination have worked together for a while but the pair have now extended their partnership with a multi-year deal.

It's still completely possible that Apple will pursue this further in the future as there have been numerous rumours that it was on the cards. However, as far as the iPhone 6 is concerned, it will have its graphics powered by Imagination.

General consensus expects the iPhone 6 to arrive during the first half of this year with June, or maybe even May, being cited as a possible release date.

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