Are wireless earbuds and larger storage lined up for the new iPhone?

Now that Apple has announced a keynote event for September 7th, the days are trickling away before what is very likely to be the unveiling of the next generation of the iPhone. 

Rumours and speculation have been coming in thick and fast over the last few weeks and months as anticipation builds for one of the biggest events on the consumer electronics calendar. 

While the heavily rumoured loss of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack has met with something of a mixed reception, one possible new feature is more likely to receive unanimous praise. 

Leaked images that first emerged on Chinese microblogging site Weibo indicate that the new device – dubbed the iPhone 7 Plus – could come with 256GB of memory. 

Smaller memory capacity variants have continued to remain in production largely because increasing use of cloud services means that many users are happy to store their content remotely. 

But with storage demands from apps growing ever-larger and picture quality consistently improving, the requirement for large storage volume seems to be on the rise again. 

Indeed, the decision to add more memory could be related to speculation that the new iPhone could have a dual-lens camera capable of capturing photos consistent with the quality of a single-lens reflex camera. 

The leak is in the form of a snapshot of a sheet outlining some of the key features of the iPhone 7 Plus, which clearly indicates plans for a 256GB version of the device. 

This would mean the smartphone offers double the capacity of its predecessor, the iPhone 6 Plus – although the legitimacy of the document cannot be verified until Apple reveals all in its official announcement on September 7th. 

However, if it proves accurate, then 256GB would be a huge amount of storage for an iPhone – the equivalent of the top-of-the-range iPad Pro. 

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