Aussie Apple iPhones get turn-by-turn navigation

Aussie Apple iPhone owners who have upgraded to iOS 6 will finally be able to utilise turn-by-turn navigation, a feature previously unavailable in the country.

The American manufacturer released its latest operating system on September 19th, allowing those with iPhone devices to upgrade and benefit from improved performance and added features.

Apple's newest mobile phone, the iPhone 5, was released on September 21st with the software pre-loaded.

One of the main changes was the replacement of Google Maps with an Apple alternative. The new application was supposed to include features like traffic information and turn-by-turn navigation.

However, the latter was missing for Aussie consumers, as the firm had not yet gathered the necessary data.

Spoken instructions will now be able to guide drivers in the country, in much the same way as a dedicated satellite navigation system.

Apple gadget owners who upgrade to iOS 6 will also be able to utilise the new Passbook tool, which allows users to store retail loyalty cards and discount vouchers.

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