Aussie iPhone app could help people find love

A new iPhone app has been launched that could help people try and find love has the potential to see an increase in the number of recycled mobile phones as citizens try and give themselves a chance at romance.

The Regarded iPhone app and corresponding website help connect social and virtual reality.

Users are able to log in and post where they were and who they saw when they last spotted someone that took their fancy. From there people can interact with their admirers.

The app was inspired by Sydney primary school teacher Gavin McCormack who said he works with women that complain about a man drought in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“It's a second chance to say 'oh I wish I could get his name' and put yourself out there without the chance of being rejected or hurt,” he added.

Recent figures suggest that Apple products continue to dominate the paid apps industry.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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