Australia seems likely to lose the octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4

Australia seems unlikely to receive the octa-core version of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone.

Reports today state that the UK will probably only be getting the quad-core version of the new handset, at least initially. There are reasons why Australians should care about this and why they may find themselves in the same position as their UK counterparts.

The UK's 4G network is still pretty lacking but its only network that supports it, EE, runs on a 1800Mhz frequency which is exactly the same that the current Australian 4G networks use.

The global press release from Samsung said that what version of the mobile phone was received would depend entirely on the region involved, but failed to comment on what countries would get which type of Galaxy S4.

It has been released that the UK is receiving the 1.9GHz quad-core processor and it seems a safe assumption that Australia will also exclusively receive the more modest handset. 

When CNET Australia questioned Samsung Australia it was suggested that any assumption made is incorrect until final confirmation is made.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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