Australians love their smartphones: The proof

What would you do without your smartphone? According to the latest research, you almost certainly own one. Australians have fallen in love with their handsets over the last decade, and that’s not speculation; it’s based on data from the latest Telstra Smartphone Index, which comes from the nation’s largest telephone company.

Telstra has found that mobile phones have well and truly taken over, with 91 per cent of Aussies now owning one. Not only that, but we’re using them for everything; the Smartphone Index revealed, for example, that 96 per cent of those with a device use it as their main method of taking photos.

It seems like the mobile phone has well and truly replaced the digital camera. Satnavs seem to be going the same way, with 80 per cent of smartphone owners preferring to use their handset for directions thanks to apps like Google Maps.

However, it is not just electronic gadgets that look likely to become obsolete thanks to the many things we can do with our mobiles. One surprising finding from Telstra is that smartphones are increasingly becoming a method of making payments, rendering our cash and credit cards useless.

Almost one in three Australians now uses their phone to pay for goods and services. This looks like the payment option of the future as well, as when Telstra looked at just 25 to 34-year-olds the percentage shot up to almost half (47 per cent), showing that young people are more likely to forgo their wallets and just take their phones out with them.

Telstra was the company that first brought the smartphone to Australia with the Nokia N95 back in 2007. In the years since, it has seen the market evolve. For example, nowadays we use 420 million GB of data each year; that’s 180 times more than in 2008!

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