BlackBerry launches budget Kopi device

BlackBerry has been facing some tough times as the mobile phone company has gradually lost more and more of its share of the market. However, news broke earlier this week that a billion dollar deal to save the firm has been agreed.

The company has also released plans to launch a brand new budget-friendly device, the BlackBerry Kopi, according to BGR. The website got its hands on some images and details from a “close source” and the handset will apparently be nestled under the BlackBerry Q5.

However, the Kopi will look a lot like the Q5, which was launched in May this year. With its chunky look and QWERTY keyboard, the new handset will bear much resemblance to the Q5 but will carry a faster processor and a removable battery. 

The BlackBerry Kopi won't have 4G support but will also sport the firm's latest BlackBerry 10 operating system, according to the site.

No details were given about when the device may be released or what its price tag is likely to be, but, judging by the specifications, it will be a low-end device aimed at a budget-friendly audience.

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