Boost offers 20GB of data for just $50

While most of us still use our phones to text and call people – even if it's only occasionally – we all know the main reason we have them. They're mostly used as little computers we can carry around with us, for a variety of reasons from gaming to work. For the majority of us, that means we need mobile internet.

It can be annoying, having to ration your data out over the month, which is why more and more of us are moving onto bigger plans. While 500MB a month might have done us a few years ago, nowadays anything under 2GB is going to struggle to live up to our needs.

So how does 20GB of data sound? That's what Boost Mobile's Anytime Plus prepaid plans offer, for $50. Those already familiar with Boost's plans might notice that this amount previously only got you 42GB of data, as the company has just increased the amount it allows customers to use.

The 20GB plan is Boost's most extensive, also coming with 100 minutes of international calls in addition to the unlimited texts and domestic calls you get with each of the company's offerings. However, there are a range of cheaper options. You could pay just $10 per month, for example, to get 1GB of data but no international minutes.

Boost's prepaid plans involve buying one of its SIM cards, then “recharging” it every time you need more data. The allowance you get lasts for 28 days, and if you recharge before it runs out you can roll any unused data over onto your new allowance, as long as you paid more than $30, which would give you 5GB.

A $40 SIM would net you 15GB of data, but those really serious about using the internet on the go might want to go the whole hog and opt for the $50, 20GB option. Either way, it's clear us Aussies are in need of more and more data as time goes on.

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