Brisbane suburbs to lose mobile phone access

A great many Aussies have grown to depend on our smartphones, keeping them with us throughout the day and sleeping with them at our bedside. We've grown used to being able to text, call and use the internet no matter where we are; unless, of course, you're in one of the more remote parts of the country.

However, while there's not much linking suburban Brisbane to the Outback, residents of both might have to deal without mobile phone signal thanks to some network disruption from Telstra. The telco's customers in Gaythorne, Mitchelton and Everton Park will be losing reception at several points between today (January 30th) and March 7th.

This is due to a cooling tower upgrade to the roof of the Brookside Shopping Centre in Mitchelton, as several phone providers have towers there. However, while Optus and Vodafone customers will also be affected, it is only those using Telstra that will end up without signal entirely.

Unfortunately for Telstra customers, this is because the company's mobile base station is on the roof of the shopping centre, so it will have to be turned off while work is underway on the cooling tower upgrade. While the company will be taking steps to ensure the impact is minimal, there will still be some signal outages.

This has worried some people, as if they are not able to get signal they won't be able to call triple-0 in case of an emergency. However, there are alternatives if you need to get through to the number, one of which is that in most cases, the call will automatically be switched to another provider if you have no signal.

Telstra's base station will only be switched off from 6:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays, so you should have signal the rest of the time. Landlines and payphones will not be affected, so these will be available if you do find yourself needing to call triple-0.

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