Browsing activity shifts to smartphones, but people still prefer paying via desktop

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the first-choice means of getting online for people in Australia and New Zealand.

According to a new report by Adobe Digital Insights, smartphones account for 37.7 per cent of browser traffic in these countries.

This means it is narrowing the gap on desktop computers, which remain slightly ahead with a 52.2 per cent share of browser traffic.

Yet curiously, web users who are planning to make an online purchase are heavily leaning towards desktop computers.

Indeed, desktop conversion rates are 2.9 per cent, whereas the smartphone conversion rate is just 0.8 per cent.

This suggests that while people in Australia and New Zealand are happy to search for information on their smartphone, there’s still some way to go before they start using it as their first-choice platform for making purchases.

Becky Tasker, senior manager at Adobe Digital Insights, commented: “While browsing activity is shifting towards smartphones, consumers in Australia and New Zealand still prefer to make their final purchase via desktop.”

She added that while smartphone traffic and conversion rates are rising, marketers in Australia and New Zealand are recognising that the desktop is “still likely to be the final destination, even in a cohesive multi-device experience”.

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