Businesses across the UK may be wise to evaluate their current situation regarding mobile technology and perhaps in new phones.

The success of O2 More, which has now reached the landmark figure of two million customers, may illustrate the importance of marketing via handsets.

O2 More allows firms to create a personalised media service, sending messages and deals to consumers through their devices.

Some of the brands on board include Sainsbury's, Tesco, House of Fraser, French Connection and Adidas, while a Starbucks campaign delivered a response rate of some 34 per cent.

Shaun Gregory, managing director at O2 Mobile, said: “Mobile messaging is the only way that brands can open up a unique one-to-one dialogue with customers and create real engagement.”

Customers who would like to get more from their favourite organisations could even trade in their mobile and upgrade to one of the latest models in order to enjoy the most dynamic offerings.

The role of mobiles in business hit the headlines recently when Denmark's postal service announced people will soon be able to buy stamps from their handsets.

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