Camera performance helps Xperia X top mobile ranking

When shopping for a new smartphone, the camera is among the first things many buyers look towards – and there can be no doubt that it has long since become one of the most important features of a handset. 

With the emphasis on recording your life through images that has been given such importance by social media such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram, this is perhaps no surprise. 

If this trend is anything to go by, then Sony's Xperia X Performance could be a big hit with snap-happy photo enthusiasts, as it has achieved the highest score in the DxOMark Mobile ranking. 

DxO Labs awarded Xperia X Performance an overall score of 88 points – and the team highlighted the camera's fast and accurate autofocus in both bright and low light as being among its finest features, in addition to good target exposure and dynamic range. 

The quality of the stabilisation, noise reduction and autofocus in Xperia X Performance's video capture was also praised by DxO. 

DxO is recognised as the industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings. For many years, the company has been testing cameras across both the digital, traditional and mobile sectors.

In an overview of the Xperia X Performance, DxO said the white balance is very good, as it renders a neutral colorcast with strong and vivid color. 

The high 12,800 ISO setting was credited with giving still shots well-controlled noise and strong exposures in extremely low light – and the pulse LED flash maintains good detail preservation in indoor photos, while the white balance remains largely accurate. 

Full HD 1080p video capture is offered by the Xperia X Performance, which offers both 30 and 60 frames per second. It attained a very good score for video stabilisation, thanks to the Sony Steady-shot intelligent active mode.

This function automatically corrects undesired motion effects in movies. Video exposure, colour, and white balance were all given an excellent score too, with good noise reduction ensuring movie files are clean even in low light.

The auto high definition resolution mode came in for praise for its ability to further improve the dynamic range of the camera, taking in even more detail in shadows and highlights. 

“We did experience some inconsistencies with Auto HDR, however, which sometimes failed on consecutive shots, so it's worth persevering to ensure getting exposure you're after,” DxO commented. “Colour in outdoor pictures is strong and vivid, with very little sign of colour shading, which helps ensure those pleasant results in sunny conditions.”

Sony welcomed the announcement in a blog post, stating: “It is always our aim to innovate and lead in the world of mobile photography, especially through technological advancements such as the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus feature on Xperia X and X Performance. 

“Receiving this recognition is high praise for the individuals and teams that have spent countless hours creating a camera experience that we hope our users will love.”

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