Canadian first to get hands on Moto X

It appears that Motorola has given a Canadian carrier exclusive access to its upcoming mobile phone, the Moto X.

A training video has been published online which shows Rogers recording a two-minute video of the highly-anticipated handset.

The video describes the Moto X as “the first smartphone from the new Motorola is only available at Rogers”. It is expected to be available from August and will come in standard black and white colour variants.

Google services will also be implemented into the smartphone with Google Now which will learn and respond to your voice. There is also an “active update” feature which replaces the flashing LED lights with a more sophisticated icon.

The camera can be activated by a simple twist of your wrist and you can press anywhere on the screen to take a photo, rather than having a specific button to click.

It is still unconfirmed when Australia will be able to get its hands on the upcoming Moto X but with such a big leak, information like that surely won't be far away.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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