Chrome available for Android users

Google has announced that its high-powered internet browser Chrome will be available to the newest Android-powered mobile phones, which could prompt people to sell their current device in favour of a new handset.

The launch of Chrome for Android Beta is the culmination of an engineering effort of more than a year within Google and now sees the convergence of the company's fastest-growing products.

Google's senior vice president for Chrome and applications Sundar Pichai said the company's goal was to build a mobile browser from the ground up that provides the same fast experience people expect on their desktops.

“The world is going mobile at a pretty phenomenal rate. Using the web on a mobile device, I think, is in its early stages, and we think this is a big step toward where we're headed,” Mr Pichai continued.

It was recently suggested in an online survey completed on PC Advisor that 49 per cent of respondents thought Android would be the most prominent mobile phone platform in the future.

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