Confidential Android contents could be revealed by freezing phone

The confidential secrets of a person's Android smartphone could be revealed by freezing it, according to experts.

A team at Erlangen's Friedrich-Alexander University revealed its findings in a blogpost.

It froze phones for 60 minutes at temperatures of -10C in order to bypass the encryption system which scrambles data on the devices.

This encryption system had been welcomed by smartphone owners who were looking to boost the security of their gadgets, but caused problems for law enforcement and forensics workers.

Once this was done, the researchers were then able to access contact lists, photos and internet browsing histories.

Speaking to the BBC, Tilo Muller, said that the “cold boot” attack had previously been tried out on PCs and laptops.

“We thought it would work because smartphones are really small PCs. But we were quite excited that the trick with the freezer worked so well.”

The team posted a number of images detailing how the experiment was carried out.

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