Britons who would like to invest in one of the next Apple models to come onto the market may be wise to consider trading in their mobile phones beforehand.

Stuart Dredge, writing for CNET UK, explains those who end up with either the iPhone 5 or iPad 2 will enjoy some of the latest technology around.

He notes patents reveal what the manufacturer has planned for the upcoming devices – which have yet to be officially announced – with a smart bezel one of the key potential additions.

Meanwhile, the plans also show Apple is eyeing denser lithium batteries for its handsets, which are designed to extend the life of devices between charging.

“Heavier use of cameras, video, web surfing and apps mean a day's your limit between charges for many smartphones. It's no surprise to find Apple working on its own battery-life technology,” concludes Mr Dredge.

Apple released the iPhone 4 last June and the original version of the iPad last April.

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