Consumers could sell mobiles to invest in the future

Australians who sell mobiles in order to change to a device that offers contactless payment technology will be investing in the future.

Simon Curtis, senior vice-president of strategic sales and business development at, explained that the feature is now a popular and secure one.

While some may have reservations about its security, the expert suggested this will be dealt with by councils, phone operators and manufacturers so there is no need to worry.

“Consumers may be concerned about having their cards in their mobile phone, but actually the mobile phone is going to be a safer place to have your cards than your existing physical wallet,” Mr Curtis stated.

This is because card details when loaded on to a mobile are only accessible to the owner.

Industry spokesman Shane Williamson, speaking to a reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at a recent conference, said that apps can also be considered the future of the mobile sector.

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