Could lizard persuade people to sell mobile phones?

Consumers might be preparing to sell mobile phones after seeing the qualities of a potential replacement device displayed by a lizard.

Philip Gith's bearded dragon is the star of an internet video hit that shows it playing games on his smartphone.

He revealed more than 1.7 million people have now viewed the clip and television programmes from around the world have been in touch to ask for permission to air it.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Gith stated: “I've had video responses of people trying to do the same thing and their dragons just don't react the same way.”

The lizard is shown in the video playing the mobile game Ant Smasher, which could be enjoyed by those who sell a mobile and upgrade to a model that supports the app.

One possible upgrade for consumers to consider is the Galaxy Nexus, which the Google Mobile Blog recently confirmed will be released in Australia shortly.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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