Could selling mobile result in increased security?

Consumers may be wondering whether selling mobile phones and switching to a superior device may have a positive effect on the levels of security they enjoy.

Many people in Australia are currently using the internet – often via a mobile – to buy goods in the run-up to Christmas, reported AAP.

But IT company Unisys has revealed it found that last year more than half of those using e-commerce sites did not have a password in place on their handset, potentially leaving it open to hackers.

“If they aren't securing those devices they are going to leave themselves vulnerable to crime, either ID theft, or financial fraud or other types of cyber fraud,” explained the firm's security expert John Kendall.

One possible solution is to invest in a new device with high-quality security settings in place.

Lookout Mobile Security recently revealed it is linking with Australian network Telstra in a bid to provide software that helps consumers beat cyber criminals.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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