Could the iPhone be headed for an all-glass redesign?

Apple is expected to introduce the next generation of iPhones in September – so we are already more than halfway toward the next annual release of a new iteration of the device. 

Rumour and speculation regarding the new features to be incorporated into the perennially popular device – widely expected to be dubbed the iPhone 7. 

However, new reports could have unveiled something Apple has in line for a 2017 release of a new iPhone. 

Ming-Chi Kuo – an analyst for KGI Securities – believes the computer manufacturing giant will launch the iPhone 7 with a major design change. The firm could be dropping the iconic aluminum casing in favour of an all-glass exterior. This will come with an Amoled screen. 

The analyst has a strong record of accurately revealing details of forthcoming Apple products – with the four-inch iPhone SE among his more recent successful predictions. He also indicated that Apple is going to be returning to its design roots with something similar to what was  featured on the iPhone 4.

While the iPhone 4 did have glass panels on both the front and the rear of the handset, these were kept together by a metallic frame in the middle. A new all-glass design could lead to a higher risk of damages, although newer types of glass used in smartphones today are tougher than they were in the past. 

It has been suggested the new design is being considered as part of an effort to keep the iPhone modern and fresh when 2017 comes around. 

Many of Apple's major competitors have dispensed with metallic frames and side trimmings – such as those featured on the old iPhone 4 – and this could prompt a similar shift in design and form factor for Apple, which is likely to want to keep its offerings distinctive and unique. 

Next year will represent a major milestone for Apple, as it will see the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007 – a move widely cited as popularising the entire concept of the modern-day smartphone. 

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