Could the iPhone X be discontinued?

Apple made headlines late last year when it brought the iPhone X to our shores. Aussies found themselves among the first people to experience the smartphone, but many were astonished by the whopping $1,829 price tag. It seems that this hefty cost might have put potential customers off, as a leaked note suggests Apple might be getting ready to discontinue the product.

The research note was written by Apple analyst for KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo and has been seen by AppleInsider, which reports that around 18 million iPhone X handsets are expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2018.

This might seem like a lot, but for Apple it's not very impressive. In comparison, it's estimated the iPhone 7 sold 21.5 million units in the first quarter of 2017. When you combine this with the units of the iPhone 7 Plus that were sold, it makes 38.9 million; what Apple would expect from a flagship phone.

Mr Kuo predicts that, as a result, the iPhone X will be approaching the end of its life by this summer, rather than being retained at a lower cost, which has been Apple's strategy for its handsets so far. Instead, the California firm will release a trio of new iPhones later in 2018, according to the letter.

The analyst thinks that Apple will use the technology of the iPhone X in other models, which would make sense so as to not waste the research and development that went into creating it. However, Mr Kuo thinks that the company might also bring out an iPhone X Plus at some point.

If this is the case, and Apple brings out a more powerful version of the iPhone X, the price tag will be a key factor. The high cost of the smartphone might well be one of the reasons for the lower-than-expected sales, and it would be reasonable to expect an improved version to be even more expensive due to the advances made.

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