Could we be saying goodbye to the iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5c is undoubtedly Apple’s most colourful smartphone to date (we swear that you can see the luminous green one from outer space) but we may be losing the bright handsets sooner than we anticipated.

Reports from Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times have been surfacing which suggest that Apple has decided to discontinue its most affordable phone so far by mid 2015.

The iPhone 5c was believed to have been something of an experiment on Apple’s behalf to see how they could get on with cheap and colourful versions of its best-selling devices. It was released alongside the iPhone 5s as a follow up to the previous year’s iPhone 5.

While it had many of the same features as its predecessor, the iPhone 5c was released in a much cheaper, plastic form.

Apple does tend to phase out older products as new ones arrive, and given that the iPhone 5c is the only current handset which doesn’t include the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is a necessity for the Apple Pay plans, along with the fact that it is the cheaper device, it is perhaps of little surprise that this would be the one to go.

With the recent release and phenomenal sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it is perhaps fair to say that Apple fans are prepared to pay big bucks for their smartphones.

Of course, when this is compared to the iPhone 5c, from which Apple reportedly didn’t see the sales they were hoping for, it would make sense that if it is true, this would be the handset of choice to be discontinued.

At the moment, the bright iPhone 5c (which is available in blue, white, pink, green and yellow) is only available to purchase through Apple with a capacity of 8GB, suggesting that it has already begun to pull away from the handset.

While it still remains to be seen whether or not these rumours will come to light, it is looking likely that the iPhone 5c won’t be around much longer – so if you’re looking for a bright smartphone, make sure you get one before it’s too late.

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