Do new rumours pave the way for a bigger, more expensive iPhone 6?

Rumours about the Apple iPhone 6 have hardly been thin on the ground, with people predicting what will happen with the latest iteration of the popular handset ever since its predecessor, the Apple iPhone 5S, hit shops last autumn. 

And now just a few months away from what is the traditional time for Apple to launch its new phones, the rumour mill is in action again, with leaks and predictions stating that Apple could be changing the size of the phone drastically, as well as altering the price point that it's pitched at. 


Rumours continue to persist that Apple is going to give the Apple iPhone 6 a larger screen, but with leaks having suggested that it will be either 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches in terms of its screen, some believe that the company will actually be bringing out two new versions in 2014 rather than just one. 

These suggestions come after managed to get its hands on molds being used for the creation of the new iPhone and sat them alongside the iPhone 4S to show the difference in size between the two, which is quite significant.

On top of this, it also placed an iPhone 5S into the mold, which allowed it to show that while the iPhone 6 is likely to be bigger than the previous models, it is going to be keeping the same elongated shape that Apple phones have been known for, resisting the temptation to move to the wider displays favoured by the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC and others. 

The leaks also suggest that the new molds have a sloped edge, which might mean that the new iPhone 6 takes on the same sort of shape seen previously in the iPad, where there is an angled edge included.


Perhaps the biggest of the new rumours, however, has been the fact that Apple is looking to significantly increase its price point when the new iPhone 6 comes to market later this year. 

This leak comes from Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, who said that Apple has been in negotiations with a number of different carriers in the US to try to negotiate deals to increase the iPhone's price by a significant amount. 

It normally keeps the price consistent throughout the years, but Mr Misek said that this year carriers are being asked to increase prices by $100 (£60), but those companies are largely not too receptive to the idea of a larger price point – could it be that they believe the new iPhone to be priced too highly to sell?

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