Do you have enough data allowance on your plan?

Most millennials are thought to be using more data than is included with their mobile broadband plan. 

According to Tim Cowan, head of mobile marketing at Optus, nearly 58 per cent of young people are in this position. 

Speaking to News Australia, he said that as a result of this trend, users are keeping a more of a close eye on how much data they use each month than might have been the case in the past. 

“Customers are more and more streaming videos on the go and that's outside of Wi-Fi zones,” he commented. 

“Data anxiety is still in people's minds around using data because the average data inclusions for millennials is only around three GB.”

People's habit of streaming videos and music for up to four hours a day – and often outside Wi-Fi zones – is seeing them exceed their data limits.

As a result, they are more likely to assess their plans to see if they can pay for more data – and this is particularly the case for those aged 18 to 25.

Bronte Smalls – a 22-year-old, self confessed data junkie – said she streams up to three hours a day but tries to use Wi-Fi where possible. “I use up my data fairly quickly most of the time – sometimes within the first two weeks of the month,” she remarked. 

Most younger users are streaming so much digital content either while they are in the car or at the gym. 

Up to 70 per cent may be regulating their streaming habits to avoid the risk of exceeding their allowance. 

A one-hour TV show can use up to one GB of data – so contacting a telecommunications provider to see if more data is purchasable could be a good idea to avoid the risk of bill shock. 

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